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2020-12-22January 2021
2020-12-16Seasons Greetings 2020
2020-11-25December 2020
2020-11-09Introducting Registry Lock
2020-10-22November 2020
2020-09-17October 2020
2020-08-20September 2020
2020-08-11Preorder .GAY Domains
2020-07-21August 2020
2020-06-24.COM & .NET 48-Hour Flash Sale - Back Again!
2020-06-22July 2020
2020-06-16.COM & .NET 48-Hour Flash Sale!
2020-06-01Special .COM & .NET Volume Promo!
2020-05-21June 2020
2020-05-07Auction Notice | Valuable .IO Domains!
2020-04-23May 2020
2020-03-19April 2020
2020-02-20March 2020
2020-01-23February 2020
2019-12-19January 2020
2019-12-13Seasons Greetings 2019
2019-11-22December 2019
2019-10-24November 2019
2019-09-19October 2019
2019-08-22September 2019
2019-07-25August 2019
2019-06-27.CO Birthday Promo
2019-06-20July 2019
2019-05-23June 2019
2019-05-21Introducing Weebly Website Builder
2019-05-01May 2019
2019-04-01April 2019
2019-03-01March 2019
2019-02-01February 2019
2019-01-01January 2019
2018-12-14Seasons Greetings 2018
2018-11-30December 2018
2018-10-31November 2018
2018-10-05Start selling Premium DNS!
2018-09-26October 2018
2018-08-29September 2018
2018-07-31August Updates
2018-07-31HEXONET Cruise: You're Invited!
2018-07-31Update on New gTLDs
2018-07-31Ongoing Promotions
2018-07-31Registry / Registrar Bulletin
2018-06-26Important SSL Deadline for Chrome
2018-06-26Update on New gTLDs
2018-06-26New Promotions
2018-06-26Ongoing Promotions
2018-06-26Registry / Registrar Bulletin
2018-05-29GDPR, GDD Summit, and Insights
2018-05-29The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
2018-05-29Update on new gTLDs
2018-05-29New Promotions
2018-05-29Ongoing Promotions
2018-05-29Registry / Registrar Bulletin
2018-04-30Welcome to Spring!
2018-04-30Service Update: Web Control Panels
2018-04-30.APP - Early Access Phase Commences May 1, 2018!
2018-04-30New Promotions
2018-04-30Ongoing Promotions
2018-04-30Registry / Registrar Bulletin
2018-03-27.APP is Launching!
2018-03-27Mark Your Calendars - Flash Sale Alert
2018-03-27Registry / Registrar Bulletin
2018-03-27New Promotions
2018-03-27Ongoing Promotions
2018-02-27Web Apps – HEXONET's neuestes Produkt!
2018-02-27Web Apps – HEXONET's Newest Product Launch!
2018-02-27Produktänderungen bei den SSL Zertifikaten / .SHOP Backorders verfügbar
2018-02-27Price Reductions and Product Updates for SSL Certificates
2018-02-27NamesCon 2018 Rückblick
2018-02-27.SHOP Domain Backorders Now Available at HEXONET!
2018-02-27Registry / Registrar Ankündigungen
2018-02-27NamesCon 2018 Recap
2018-02-27Andauernde Promos
2018-02-27Registry / Registrar Bulletin
2018-02-27Ongoing Promotions
2018-01-30HEXONET Launches New Website
2018-01-30Termination of Service Notice: WI and CP2 Web Control Panels
2018-01-30Registry / Registrar Bulletin
2018-01-30New Promotions
2018-01-30Ongoing Promotions
2017-12-26Update on new TLDs
2017-12-26Registry / Registrar Bulletin
2017-12-26New Promotions
2017-12-26Ongoing Promotions
2017-11-28Registry / Registrar Bulletin
2017-11-28New Promotions
2017-11-28Ongoing Promotions
2017-10-30Update on new TLDs
2017-10-30Registry / Registrar Bulletin
2017-10-30New Promotions
2017-10-30Ongoing Promotions
2017-10-30Blog: Insight into the Realm of New Domains: Guest Interview with RADIX
2017-09-26Registry / Registrar Bulletin
2017-09-26New Promotions
2017-09-26Ongoing Promotions
2017-08-29Update on new TLDs
2017-08-29Registry / Registrar Bulletin
2017-08-29New Promotions
2017-08-29Ongoing Promotions
2017-07-27More Backorder ccTLDs - .AC, .IO, .SH
2017-07-27Registry / Registrar Bulletin
2017-07-27New Promotions
2017-07-27Ongoing Promotions
2017-06-27Update on new TLDs
2017-06-27.XYZ's New 1.111B Class of Domains
2017-06-27New Price Promotions
2017-06-27Ongoing Promotions
2017-06-27Registry / Registrar Bulletin
2017-06-27WHMCS Module Update
2017-05-30Update on new TLDs
2017-05-30Registry / Registrar Bulletin
2017-05-30New Price Promotions
2017-05-30Ongoing Promotions
2017-04-25Update on new TLDs
2017-04-25Registry / Registrar Bulletin
2017-04-25New Price Promotions
2017-04-25Ongoing Promotions
2017-03-28Update on new gTLDs
2017-03-28Backorder Service Expands with More gTLDs and ccTLDs
2017-03-28Registry / Registrar Bulletin
2017-03-28New Promotions
2017-03-28Ongoing Promotions
2017-02-28Update on new gTLDs
2017-02-28NamesCon Recaps
2017-02-28Change to .AU
2017-02-28Registry / Registrar Bulletin
2017-02-28New Promotions
2017-02-28Ongoing Promotions
2017-01-31Update on new gTLDs
2017-01-31ICANN's New IRTP Policy - System Updates
2017-01-31Secure and Private Registrations with WHOISTrustee
2017-01-31Registry / Registrar Bulletin
2017-01-31New Promotions
2017-01-31Ongoing Promotions
2016-12-27Holiday Wishes and Season of Giving
2016-12-27Update on new gTLDs
2016-12-27HEXONET to Sponsor NamesCon 2017
2016-12-27New Price Promotions
2016-12-27Ongoing Promotions
2016-11-29New ICANN Inter-Registrar Transfer Policy
2016-11-29Update on new gTLDs
2016-11-29The Value of Generic ccTLDs
2016-11-29New Price Promotions
2016-11-29Ongoing Promotions
2016-11-29Registry / Registrar Bulletin
2016-10-25Radix Black Friday and Cyber Monday Sale
2016-10-25Update on new gTLDs
2016-10-25.CLUB Domain Backorders Now Available at HEXONET!
2016-10-25Registry / Registrar Bulletin
2016-10-25WHMCS Modules Update
2016-10-25New & Ongoing Price Promotions
2016-10-07Support Availability on October 10th (CA)
2016-09-27Update on new gTLDs
2016-09-27DOMAINfest @ Ion.Asia Recap
2016-09-27Registry / Registrar Bulletin
2016-09-27New Price Promotions
2016-09-27Ongoing Price Promotions
2016-08-31Update on new gTLDs
2016-08-31Rightside to Release Valuable Two Character Domains
2016-08-31HEXONET Cruise - THANK YOU!
2016-08-31HEXONET Sponsoring DOMAINFEST @ ION.ASIA
2016-08-31Registry / Registrar Bulletin
2016-08-31New/Ongoing Price Promotions
2016-07-26HAPPY BIRTHDAY .TECH - Special Price Promo
2016-07-26Update on new gTLDs
2016-07-26HEXONET Next-Generation Domain Search
2016-07-26HEXONET Cruise - Domain Experts Panel
2016-07-26Registry / Registrar Bulletin
2016-07-26New/Ongoing Price Promotions
2016-06-28Update on new gTLDs
2016-06-28Registry/Registrar Bulletin
2016-06-28HEXONET Infrastructure Maintenance Notice
2016-06-28New Price Promotions
2016-06-28Ongoing Price Promotions
2016-05-24Update on new gTLDs
2016-05-24Be First to Backorder Valuable new gTLDs
2016-05-24Portfolio Wizard - Easily Find and Match Related Domain Names
2016-05-24Spotlight on HEXONET's WHMCS Modules
2016-05-24Registry/Registrar Bulletin
2016-05-24Ongoing / New Price Promotions
2016-04-26Neues von den gTLDs
2016-04-26Update on new gTLDs
2016-04-26DONUTS und RIGHTSIDE TLDs - BACKORDER möglich
2016-04-26Der Portfolio Wizard - Neuer kostenloser Service
2016-04-26The Portfolio Wizard - New Free Service
2016-04-26Bevorstehende Events
2016-04-26Upcoming Events
2016-04-26Registry/Registrar Ankündigungen
2016-04-26Registry/Registrar Bulletin
2016-04-26Andauernde / Neue Promos
2016-04-26Ongoing / New Price Promotions
2016-03-29Update on new gTLDs
2016-03-29.STORE - General Availability Launch Promo
2016-03-29Registry/Registrar Bulletin
2016-03-29New Domain Price Promo
2016-03-29Ongoing Price Promotions
2016-02-24Update on new gTLDs
2016-02-24Industry News
2016-02-24WHMCS – Now Available in Chinese
2016-02-24Registry/Registrar Bulletin
2016-02-24New Domain Price Promo
2016-02-24Ongoing Price Promotions
2016-01-26Update on new gTLDs
2016-01-26Introducing 2-Factor Authentication at HEXONET
2016-01-26Industry News
2016-01-26Registry/Registrar Bulletin
2016-01-26New Price Promotions
2016-01-26Ongoing Promotions
2015-12-29Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year
2015-12-29Update on new gTLDs
2015-12-29Introducing 2-Factor Authentication at HEXONET
2015-12-29NamesCon 2016: HEXONET to Sponsor Network Lane
2015-12-29Registry / Registrar Bulletin
2015-12-29Ongoing Promotions & New Promos 2016
2015-11-24Update on new gTLDs
2015-11-24Update on Premium Domains
2015-11-24Christmas Wish to Clients and Friends Through Charitable Donations
2015-11-24Registry / Registrar Bulletin
2015-11-24.AE - United Arab Emirates - Now Available!
2015-11-24Ongoing Price Promotions
2015-10-27Update on new TLDs
2015-10-27Newly Available Premium Domains
2015-10-27The Domain Conference Recap
2015-10-27Registry/Registrar Bulletin
2015-10-27New Price Promotions
2015-10-27Ongoing Price Promotions
2015-09-29Neue TLDs
2015-09-29Update on new TLDs
2015-09-29Heiße Domains
2015-09-29Domain Names are Getting Hot!
2015-09-29Premium Domain Update
2015-09-29Update on Premium Domains
2015-09-29Registry/Registrar Neuigkeiten
2015-09-29Registry/Registrar Bulletin
2015-09-29Neue Promos
2015-09-29New Promotions
2015-09-29Andauernde Promos
2015-09-29Ongoing Promotions
2015-08-25Update on new TLDs
2015-08-25High-Value: Donuts Two-Characters Domains
2015-08-25Upcoming Events
2015-08-25New Promos & Spotlight on Minds and Machines TLDs
2015-08-25Registry / Registrar Bulletin
2015-08-25Ongoing Promotions
2015-07-28Update on new TLDs
2015-07-28Successfully Securing Valuable DONUT'S Reserved Domains
2015-07-28Control Panel Notification Settings - Take Control Now
2015-07-28Registry/Registrar Bulletin
2015-07-28New Promotions
2015-07-28Ongoing Promotions
2015-06-30Update on new TLDs
2015-06-30HEXONET Scheduled Maintenance - IMPORTANT
2015-06-30DONUTS Reserved & Collision Domains: Important Updates
2015-06-30Registry/Registrar Bulletin
2015-06-30New Promotions
2015-06-30Ongoing Promotions
2015-05-26Update on new TLDs
2015-05-26Spotlight on .Site and .Tech from RADIX
2015-05-26Donuts to Release 2-Character Domains and NXD Domains June 10th 2015
2015-05-26Registry/Registrar Bulletin
2015-05-26New Additional Promotions
2015-05-26Ongoing Promotions
2015-04-29Update on new TLDs
2015-04-29.DESIGN new gTLD Spotlight
2015-04-29.TOP New gTLD - Sky's the Limit
2015-04-29Registry/Registrar Bulletin
2015-04-29Ongoing Promotions
2015-03-25Update on New TLDs
2015-03-25New Spotlight on Rightside TLDs
2015-03-25Opportunities with ccTLDs
2015-03-25New Promotions
2015-03-25Registry/Registrar Bulletin
2015-03-25Ongoing Promotions
2015-02-25Update on New TLDs
2015-02-25Spotlight on Rightside TLDs
2015-02-25New Attractive Promotions
2015-02-25Cricket, Party, and Science Spotlight
2015-02-25Registry/Registrar Bulletin
2015-02-25Ongoing Promotions
2015-01-28Update on New TLDs
2015-01-28Insights from NamesCon 2015 in Las Vegas
2015-01-28HEXONET Event Schedule
2015-01-28.QA - Qatar - now available
2015-01-28Registry/Registrar Bulletin
2015-01-28New & Ongoing Domain Promotions
2014-12-23Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!
2014-12-23Success of the New TLDs
2014-12-23HEXONET @ Namescon in Vegas!
2014-12-23Update on New TLDs
2014-12-23Registry/Registrar Bulletin
2014-12-23New & Ongoing Promotions
2014-11-27Update on New TLDs
2014-11-27General Domain News
2014-11-27Name Collision List - High Value Domains Soon to be Released
2014-11-27Registry/Registrar Bulletin
2014-11-27Ongoing Promotions
2014-11-27New Domain Price Promotions
2014-10-29Update on New TLDs
2014-10-29.ORG in Chinese, Cyrillic, Hindi - IDNs
2014-10-29New TLDs Pre-Registrations: Important Things to Remember
2014-10-29Registry / Registrar Bulletin
2014-10-29New Domain Price Promotions
2014-10-29Ongoing Price Promotions
2014-09-30Update on New TLDs
2014-09-30Registry/Registrar Bulletin
2014-09-30.Bayern, .Berlin, .Hamburg Trustee-Service Available
2014-09-30Namescon 2015 - Mark Your Calendars!
2014-09-30Tool Helps Investors Find Valuable Chinese New TLDs
2014-09-30Ongoing / New Promotions
2014-08-26Now is the Time to Buy / Invest in .CLUB - Promo
2014-08-26Update on New TLDs
2014-08-26Verisign Publishes Latest Domain Name Industry Brief
2014-08-26A Risk Free Landrush - .WEBSITE & .PRESS
2014-08-26Anyone Can Go .GLOBAL - Landrush on Aug 27th
2014-08-26Ongoing/New Promotions
2014-07-29Update on New TLDs
2014-07-29.Club on a Roll
2014-07-29Do Your Applications Work with the New TLDs?
2014-07-29.NZ - Second Level Domains Available September 30, 2014
2014-07-29Registry/Registrar Bulletin
2014-07-29Ongoing/New Promotions
2014-06-24Update on New TLDs
2014-06-24TLD Registry Launches Powerful Registration Tool
2014-06-24WHOISTrustee and WHOISTrustee Lite Enabled for Additional New TLDs
2014-06-24Control Panel Enhancements - Renewals and Domain Search Details
2014-06-24.UK - Second Level Domains Have Launched!
2014-06-24Ongoing / New Promotions
2014-05-27Update on NewTLDs
2014-05-27WHOISTrustee and WHOISTrustee Lite Enabled for Many New TLDs
2014-05-27HEXONET's WHMCS Module - New High Performance Domain Checker
2014-05-27.Bid, .Trade, and .Webcam Domain Names
2014-05-27Registry/Registrar Bulletin
2014-05-27Ongoing/New Promotions
2014-04-30Update on NewTLDs
2014-04-30Updated Rightside DPML Pricing Announced
2014-04-30.UK - Second Level Domains Launching!
2014-04-30Registry/Registrar Bulletin
2014-04-30.CLUB - Launch Countdown STARTED - Are you ready?
2014-04-30Ongoing / New Promotions
2014-03-26Update on NewTLDs
2014-03-26DPML Blocking - Rightside Now Enabled
2014-03-26.CLUB - NewTLD Spotlight
2014-03-26NewTLD Promo Materials for Resellers - Marketing Center
2014-03-26New & Ongoing Promotions
2014-03-12.AR Price Increase - Effective Immediately
2014-03-12.BERLIN Launching Soon - Trustee-Service Available
2014-03-12.RUHR Launching Soon - Trustee-Service Available
2014-02-25Update on New Top-Level-Domains
2014-02-25DPML Blocking Service for RightSide NewTLDs
2014-02-25Registry/Registrar Bulletin
2014-02-25Say Hello to CO.COM
2014-02-25Ongoing Promotions
2014-01-28New TLDs Available Now - Release Schedule
2014-01-28.TO & MEX.COM - ccTLD and CentralNic TLD Available Now
2014-01-28Protect Your Valuable Trademarks
2014-01-28Registry/Registrar Bulletin
2014-01-28Ongoing Promotions
2013-12-18First newTLD Sunrise Registrations Starting - DONUTS
2013-12-18Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year
2013-12-18Registry/Registrar Bulletin
2013-12-18newTLDs Update
2013-12-18Upcoming Domain Promotions
2013-12-18.UK and .NZ Second Level Domains - EOIs Start Jan. 7, 2014
2013-11-26DPML Blocking Service for DONUTS TLDs
2013-11-26Web Control Panel - New Access Control Functionality
2013-11-26New TLD News
2013-11-26Registry / Registrar Bulletin
2013-11-26Ongoing Promotions
2013-11-26Change of Address for HEXONET Canada
2013-10-30Trademark Clearinghouse for nTLDs
2013-10-30nTLD - HEXONET EOI Service Adds 114 more TLDs
2013-10-30First for nTLDs Delegated to DNS Root
2013-10-30Registry/Registrar Bulletin
2013-10-30Ongoing / New Promotions
2013-09-25.SX - New Price Promotion
2013-09-25NewTLD News - EOI Update
2013-09-25Registry/Registrar Bulletin
2013-09-25Ongoing Promotions
2013-08-28.IE - Ireland - Available Starting September 1, 2013
2013-08-28.MY - Malaysia - Available Starting September 1, 2013
2013-08-28South American ccTLDs Available Sept. 9, 2013 - .AR, .CL and .VE
2013-08-28TMCH - TradeMark Clearing House
2013-08-28Registry/Registrar Bulletin
2013-08-28Ongoing and New Promotions
2013-08-01IMPORTANT - FINAL NOTICE - Expired Registration Recovery Policy
2013-08-01Preview: One Month Expiry Notice Template
2013-08-01Preview: One Week Expiry Template
2013-08-01Preview: 5 Day Post Expiry Template
2013-07-30IN.NET Launching on August 1, 2013
2013-07-30RADIO.FM and RADIO.AM - Go Live August 3, 2013
2013-07-30NewTLD News - EOI Updates
2013-07-30Registry/Registrar Bulletin
2013-07-30Ongoing and New Promotions
2013-07-01Special Announcement - TOU Annoucement 1
2013-06-25NewTLD News - More EOIs Available
2013-06-25Domain Search Enhancements
2013-06-25RADIO.AM and RADIO.FM Landrush Starts July 1, 2013
2013-06-25Registry/Registrar Bulletin
2013-06-25Ongoing & New Promotions
2013-05-28Sunrise for Radio.AM and Radio.FM Starts May 28, 2013
2013-05-28.TC Domain Registrations Re-Enabled
2013-05-28Registry/Registrar Bulletin
2013-05-28Ongoing Promotions
2013-05-15Changes to .RADIO.AM and .RADIO.FM Pre-Registrations
2013-05-15The Ultimate New York City Web Addresses
2013-05-15.NZ - New Zealand was migrated to EPP
2013-05-15.GD to be enabled again on May 21, 2013
2013-04-30Pre-Register - .RADIO.AM and .RADIO.FM
2013-04-30Price Reductions
2013-04-30HEXONET Scheduled Maintenance on June 2, 2013
2013-04-30Registry / Registrar Bulletin
2013-04-30New Promotions Starting May 2013
2013-04-30Ongoing Promotions
2013-03-26.AS - American Samoa - Available at HEXONET
2013-03-26IMPORTANT - AdamsNames Temporarily Disabled
2013-03-26newTLDs - Trademark Clearinghouse
2013-03-26Registry/Registrar Bulletin
2013-03-26.PW is now LIVE - 2-letter .PW General Availability March 28, 2013
2013-03-26New and Ongoing Promotions
2013-02-26Control Panel Ordering Made Easier
2013-02-26.PW Landrush Launches on February 18, 2013
2013-02-26Registry / Registrar Bulletin
2013-02-26New TLD Update
2013-02-26New and Ongoing Promotions
2013-01-29.CA IDNs (French Characters) - Now Available
2013-01-29.PW Sunrise Closing Soon / Landrush Starting Feb. 18
2013-01-29NewTLD - Latest News
2013-01-29Registry/Registrar Bulletin
2013-01-29New and Ongoing Promotions
2012-12-27Thank You for 2012, Looking Forward to 2013
2012-12-27NewTLD Update - 11 More - Early Interest - Docs
2012-12-27Registry/Registrar Bulletin
2012-12-27.PW is on the horizon
2012-12-27New and Ongoing Promotions
2012-11-27NewTLD Update - 216 NewTLD EOIs - 27 Added!
2012-11-27.PW Pre-Registrations - Starts December 6, 2012
2012-11-27Registry/Registrar Bulletin
2012-11-27.IS (Iceland) Available December 6, 2012
2012-11-27Ongoing Promotions
2012-10-30.SX Launching Nov. 15, 2012 - ARE YOU READY?
2012-10-30New Exciting Promotions
2012-10-30.CN Registry to Release and Domains
2012-10-30Registry / Registrar Bulletin
2012-10-30Get ready for .PW - Pre-Announcement
2012-10-30Ongoing Promotions
2012-10-22HEXONET releases .CHINA IDN extension ( and
2012-10-01Support Availability on October 3th
2012-09-26Finish Domains (.FI) available October 1, 2012
2012-09-26newTLD Update - Additional newTLDs get added
2012-09-26.JE and .GG soon Available in the HEXONET TLD Family
2012-09-26Registry / Registrar Bulletin
2012-09-26.AT October Promo - Buy More Save More!
2012-09-26Ongoing Promotions
2012-08-28New HEXONET.NET Website!
2012-08-28Expression of Interest (EOI) for New TLDs Begins
2012-08-28Registry/Registrar Bulletin
2012-08-28HEXONET - NEW Promotions
2012-08-28Ongoing Promotions
2012-08-10IMPORTANT - AdamsNames Changes (.TC - .GD - .VG)
2012-07-30South African Domains (co.ZA) Available August 1, 2012
2012-07-30Price Reductions
2012-07-30Pre-Register your .SX Domains
2012-07-30Registry/Registrar Bulletin
2012-07-30New and Ongoing Promotions
2012-06-26ICANN Reveals newTLD Application Details
2012-06-26.GR - Greece ccTLD Available on July 1, 2012
2012-06-26Are you ready for IDN.FR?
2012-06-26.SX - Pre-registration Starts June 28, 2012
2012-06-26Registry/Registrar Bulletin
2012-06-26New and Ongoing Promotions
2012-05-29IDN.ASIA & IDN.FR - Pre-Register Today!
2012-05-29WOW! - Big SSL Certificate Price Reductions
2012-05-29Registry/Registrar Bulletin
2012-05-29New and Ongoing Domain Promotions
2012-04-25.ASIA - FreeB PROMO - Gift with New Registration
2012-04-25IDN.ASIA & IDN.FR - New Domain Introductions
2012-04-25Registry/Registrar Bulletin
2012-04-25Tune-in to a .FM Promo - 15th Anniversary of dotFM
2012-04-25New & Ongoing Domain Promotions
2012-03-27.AU - Available at HEXONET on April 4, 2012
2012-03-27Upcoming Domain Releases - .FR IDNs
2012-03-27Registry/Registrar Bulletin
2012-03-27.PRO - Transfer/Renew Before PRICE INCREASE
2012-03-27Trustee Enabled for .RE, .PM, .TF, .WF and .YT
2012-03-27New/Ongoing Domain Promotions
2012-02-28.PRO - On SALE - Consolidate and Save Big!
2012-02-28New Amazing Promotions
2012-02-28Upcoming Domain Releases - Pre-Registrer Today!
2012-02-28Registry/Registrar Bulletin
2012-02-28Ongoing Promotions
2012-01-24.EC - Ecuador Available at HEXONET on Feb. 1, 2012
2012-01-24New Promotions - .LA & Thawte SSL
2012-01-24Pre-Register your .JP.NET Today!
2012-01-24IDN.ASIA - Are You Ready for the BIG Go Live Release
2012-01-24Registry/Registrar Bulletin
2012-01-24Ongoing Promotions
2011-12-28.JP.NET is Launching - Get Ready Now
2011-12-28.ASIA IDN - Go Live Date - Announced
2011-12-28It's all about .ME - New Year's Promo & Exciting News
2011-12-28Additional TLDs .PM, .TF, .WF and .YT now Available!
2011-12-28Registry/Registrar Bulletin
2011-12-28Ongoing/New Promotions
2011-11-29.XXX Go Live Countdown has started!
2011-11-29.SE & .PRO Promotions!
2011-11-29HEXONET's New Chief Technology Officer - Sven Ropers
2011-11-29Registry/Registrar Bulletin
2011-11-29Ongoing Promotions
2011-11-29Thank You and Seasons Greeting to All Clients and Partners of HEXONET
2011-10-25.XXX Sunrise Ends Oct 28, Landrush starts Nov 8
2011-10-25.AT November Promo - Buy More Save More!
2011-10-25.PRO 2.0 Launching November 17, 2011
2011-10-25Hot HEXONET Blogs and News
2011-10-25Registry/Registrar Bulletin
2011-10-25Ongoing Promotions
2011-09-27HEXONET Adding More TLDS - .PH and .LV
2011-09-27Pre-Register for the New, Improved, and More Open .PRO!
2011-09-27October's Amazing Volume Discounts - .CA and .EU
2011-09-27Pre-Registrations: .XXX and idn.ASIA
2011-09-27Registry/Registrar Bulletin
2011-09-27Ongoing & New Promotions
2011-08-30.EU - BUY ONE GET ONE - September Promo
2011-08-30New Enhanced AWBS & WHMCS Modules - WHOISTrustee Now Available
2011-08-30Pre-Registrations - IDN.ASIA, .XXX, and COM.DE
2011-08-30Registry/Registrar Bulletin
2011-08-30Control Panel Enhancements
2011-08-30Ongoing & New Promotions
2011-07-26HEXONET Now .CO Accredited, Launches .CO Backorders!
2011-07-26TERMINATION of DNS Resolution for CHINESE Resellers
2011-07-26HEXONET Adds Two More TLDs - .RO & .MG
2011-07-26Pre-Registrations - IDN.ASIA, .XXX, and COM.DE
2011-07-26Registry Bulletin
2011-07-26Ongoing & New Promotions
2011-07-20TERMINATION of DNS Resolution for CHINESE Resellers ONLY, August 1, 2011
2011-07-20HEXONET Newly Accredited for .CO
2011-07-20Change of CoCCa TLD Transfer Pricing & Process
2011-07-20Obligation of Resellers: Registrant Rights and Responsibilities
2011-06-29Just Released - .CA, .CH. LI and .NU Backorders!
2011-06-29.XXX Pre-Registration - Important Update Notice
2011-06-29Now Available - .GY, co.GY, com.GY and net.GY
2011-06-29Registry Bulletin
2011-06-29.ASIA and .COM.DE Pre-Registrations
2011-06-29Ongoing & New Promotions
2011-05-24PRIVATE AUCTIONS for BACKORDERS Now Supported
2011-05-24Resell Backorders for BIG PROFITS!
2011-05-24Pre-Registrations Now Available - Don't Miss Out!
2011-05-24.INFO Promo Back For JUNE ONLY
2011-05-24Registry Bulletin
2011-05-24Ongoing Promotions
2011-05-05Web Control Panel - Upgrade
2011-05-05Newest Control Panel Feature - Simpler Domain Lists
2011-05-05IMPORTANT NOTICE - Old Control Panel Terminating
2011-05-05Reminder: Private Registrations - WHOISTrustee Services
2011-05-05Price Increase Announcement for .GB.COM
2011-04-26Private Registrations - WHOISTrustee Services
2011-04-26.ASIA IDN Pre-Registrations Start April 28, 2011
2011-04-26Numeric .TEL Pre-Registrations Open April 28, 2011
2011-04-26Registry Bulletin
2011-04-26Pre-Registrations for .XXX from April 28, 2011
2011-04-26New & Ongoing Promotions
2011-03-24.SO Go Live - Mark the Date
2011-03-24New Domain Promotions
2011-03-24Registry Bulletin
2011-03-24.BIZ & .ORG Price Increase April 1, 2011
2011-03-24Verisign Releases Latest Domain Name Industry Brief
2011-03-24Ongoing Promotions
2011-02-22New Exciting Promotion - .DE & .AT Domains
2011-02-22The Registry Bulletin
2011-02-22Upcoming Registry Price Increases
2011-02-22.AF - Another New TLD Available at HEXONET
2011-02-22Ongoing & New Promotions - March 2011
2011-02-03.CO Birthday Special - Limited Time Offer
2011-01-18New TLDs - Available Now - .NO & .co.NL
2011-01-18Newest CentralNIC TLDs Available Soon at HEXONET
2011-01-18Registry Bulletin
2011-01-18New Promotions in February
2011-01-18Current Promotions
2011-01-18DomainFest Global 2011 - Meet Us There!
2011-01-14SECOND UPDATE - New .SO Launch Dates
2010-12-14Update - New .SO Launch Dates
2010-12-14HEXONET's Renewal Notice and Alipay Enhancements
2010-12-14Registry Bulletin
2010-12-14Let's be More .MX!
2010-12-14NEW and EXTENDED Promotions
2010-12-14Season Greetings & Best Wishes for 2011
2010-10-26Extended by POPULAR DEMAND - .ASIA Promo
2010-10-26New November Promotions - Start Saving!
2010-10-26Pre-Register your .SO Domains Today!
2010-10-26Ongoing Promotions
2010-10-18.BIZ Announces Price Increase
2010-10-08The New .CA Registry System - IMPORTANT NEWS
2010-09-28Pre-register for .SO - Republic of Somalia
2010-09-28HEXONET Attending DomainFest Prague
2010-09-28New Promotions starting October 1, 2010
2010-09-28Registry Bulletin
2010-09-28Control Panel Enhancements
2010-09-28Ongoing Promotions
2010-09-10IMPORTANT - Registrant Confirmation Emails from CNNIC
2010-08-31COMODO Unified Communication Certs & Important Thawte Certs Update
2010-08-31SSL Certificates Available via WHMCS
2010-08-31September's Register More Lower the Price Promo
2010-08-31Austria has a Domain Capital
2010-08-31Registry Bulletin
2010-08-31Ongoing Promotions
2010-08-04TLD Updates - .GL Available, DNSSEC, .NZ IDNs
2010-08-04New August Domain Promotions - .EU.COM & .HN
2010-08-04Enhanced Virtual Server Restore and Security
2010-08-04.CO is Alive and Kicking
2010-08-04Why Businesses Need a .BIZ Domain
2010-08-04Ongoing Promotions
2010-06-29Are .US Domain Names Undervalued?
2010-06-29Important Registry News Bulletin
2010-06-29Technical Recommendation - High Performance Proxy
2010-06-29Exciting New Promotions
2010-06-29Counting down to .CO Go-Live - Don't Miss Out!
2010-06-29Ongoing Promotions
2010-06-02.ME and .IN Domain Backordering Now Available
2010-06-02.TEL IDN - Ready, Set, Go Live!
2010-06-02.CO Landrush - The Final Countdown!
2010-06-02New June Promotions
2010-06-02On-going Promotions
2010-06-02NOTIFICATION: Scheduled System Maintenance
2010-05-11Backorder .CC & .TV Domains! Now with RATING SYSTEM !
2010-05-11Exciting Pre-Registrations - .CO & .TEL IDNs
2010-05-11Registry Bulletin
2010-05-11Reminder: Billing of Internal gTLD Transfers
2010-05-11Promotion Reminders - Dates to Remember
2010-05-11VeriSign SSL Certificates Special Pricing
2010-04-27.TEL IDN Pre-Registrations Opens April 29, 2010
2010-04-27New Promotions - Starting May 1, 2010
2010-04-27Registry Update Bulletin
2010-04-27Harmonized Sales Tax for Canadian Resellers
2010-04-27Managing Newsletter Recipients
2010-04-27Promotion Reminders - Dates to Remember
2010-04-16EU Promotion Back By Overwhelming Demand - Read NOW!
2010-04-16ME Special, Hottest Discount of the Year
2010-04-16.IN (India) Promotion through June 30th
2010-04-16.AG - Relax Caribbean Style Promo
2010-04-16.AT Buy More Save More Event! (Promo Ends Soon!)
2010-04-16.CN.COM, the Best Alternative to .CN
2010-04-06The Sizzle of .ME
2010-04-06Registry Update Bulletin
2010-04-06System and Control Panel Updates
2010-04-06<b>IMPORTANT: Virtual Server Maintenance - migration to a new data-center</b>
2010-04-06Pre-register your .CO today and be ahead of the game
2010-04-06Fantastic Ongoing and <b>New</b> Promotions - Read Now!
2010-03-23Registry Update Bulletin
2010-03-23.ASIA Backorders Available at HEXONET
2010-03-23.CO Pre-Registrations - Huge Demand
2010-03-23<b>Important Notice</b> - HEXONET's Terms of Use Modifications
2010-03-23New Maintenance Center Feature!
2010-03-23Fantastic Ongoing and <b>New</b> Promotions - Read Now!
2010-02-23Pre-Register <b>now</b> - .CO is the biggest anticipated TLD intro for 2010
2010-02-23Register Third-Level .CO Domains Today!
2010-02-23.ASIA Spotlight - Top 6 Reasons Promotion
2010-02-23.LT - Now Available at HEXONET
2010-02-23<b>Read now</b> - Important Promotion Information
2010-02-23.RU Drastic Policy Change
2010-02-16.LU and .NZ IDN Registry Bulletin
2010-02-16HEXONET WHMCS & AWBS Modules - Now Available!
2010-02-16Newly Available TLDs at HEXONET - .com.FR, .com.RE, and .RE
2010-02-16Promotions Now and Upcoming
2010-02-16System and Control Panel Updates
2010-01-21Domain Backorder Alerts
2010-01-19Registry Update Bulletin
2010-01-19Reminder of Impending .ORG Chinese IDN Pre-Registration
2010-01-19More Price Decreases!
2010-01-19Ongoing/Upcoming Promotions
2010-01-19Domain Management and Billing Systems (retail)
2010-01-06.CN Registrations Temporarily Suspended
2010-01-052010 Best Wishes from the Team @ HEXONET
2010-01-05Ongoing Promotions
2010-01-05Reminder - Impending .ORG Chinese IDN Pre-Registration
2010-01-05New Year Price Drops!
2010-01-05HEXONET Launching NEW Backorder Service
2009-12-21Holiday Greetings and Best Wishes for 2010
2009-12-21Change of Terms of Use Notification
2009-12-21General Registry Updates
2009-12-21Impending .ORG Chinese IDN Pre-Registration
2009-12-21IMPORTANT Changes at .CN Registry
2009-12-07System and Control Panel Updates
2009-12-07.INFO Promo Extended Until Year-End
2009-12-07Registry Updates
2009-12-07.PT - Portugal Launches
2009-12-07.EU IDN Launch - Countdown has started
2009-11-24Amazing 2-Character .BIZ Auction
2009-11-18System and Control Panel Updates
2009-11-18Reallocation of Non-Compliant .INFO Sunrise Domain Names
2009-11-18.NAME IDNs Now Available & .SE Allowing Multiyear Registrations
2009-11-18.EU IDNs Launching December 10th, 2009!
2009-11-18Price Correction for .HK and .NU
2009-11-03Bug-Fix / Control Panel Updates
2009-11-03.NA removed from HEXONET's available ccTLDs
2009-11-03New VeriSign authorization code requirements - .COM/.NET
2009-11-03New feature for domain transfers
2009-10-20New lower .COM, .NET and .ORG pricing!
2009-10-20Popular .INFO price promo extended until November 30th, 2009!
2009-10-20Afilias awarding over 15.000 USD for best .INFO websites
2009-10-20.IT - celebrating EPP with MAJOR PRICE DROP!
2009-10-20.MX landrush ending - standard price to be announced
2009-10-20.RU now with lower prices and NO SETUP FEE!
2009-10-06October's Amazing Promotions
2009-10-06Pre-Register your .EU IDN's today!
2009-10-06Incomplete newsletter sent out in error
2009-10-06.HK (Hong Kong) is Alive and Kicking
2009-10-06CentralNIC and .LA Domains - FREE transfers
2009-10-06Two More TLDs in Two Weeks! HEXONET Adding .NA & .PE
2009-09-22.RU available for individuals as of October 1st, 2009
2009-09-22Awesome new promos - .INFO, .CZ and .TV
2009-09-22IMPORTANT: .IT registry upgrading to EPP
2009-09-22.NL trustee is soon FREE of charge
2009-09-22SSL certs - now renewable and up to 40% off
2009-09-22.HK - Hong Kong ccTLD available as of October 1st, 2009!
2009-09-16.PL Maintenance ** SERVICE OFFLINE ** on Sep. 25 - 28, 2009
2009-09-16.CM Go Live Scheduled Sep. 18, 2009 at 08:00 UTC
2009-09-08Update on .CM launch
2009-09-08.FM 's EPP migration successful!
2009-09-08Scheduled system maintenance notification
2009-09-08Save big - gTLD price promotion
2009-09-08NEW - API access to .MOBI Instant Mobilizer&trade;
2009-05-12Maintenance Work - June 1st - June 7th, 2009
2009-03-01HEXONET announces Global Expansion
2008-02-01.AT Ownerchange now done by TradeDomain and fax generator
2008-02-01.ASIA Landrush billing information
2008-02-01REMINDER: .SC registry price change
2008-02-01.CN promotion
2008-01-22.ASIA Landrush coming up with 5 USD saving
2008-01-22The world speaks Spanish - .INFO does too
2008-01-10Database Maintainance on Jan 26th
2007-12-24.ES price promotion 2008
2007-12-24.ORG price promotion 2008
2007-12-24Renewal / deletion time frame for .AM and .FM domains
2007-12-14.CH: change of ownership possible by using ModifyDomain
2007-12-07CentralNIC TLDs added
2007-12-03DENIC purges its OT&amp;E
2007-11-30Maintenance work at DENIC
2007-11-29New extensions: .HN and .LC
2007-11-29.NL: change of ownership after transfer now easier
2007-11-29.ASIA domain availability check
2007-11-29Price change for .IN domains
2007-11-29Registrations of TK domains currently stopped
2007-11-29New .MOBI promotion in December
2007-11-29.ES IDN domains: landrush preregistrations
2007-11-28SOAP and XML-RPC gateway
2007-11-28.NL transfers with new nameservers
2007-10-05.IN & .CN special promotion
2007-10-05.AT and .CH domain renewals
2007-10-05Database maintenance
2007-10-05Reminder - gTLD price increase
2007-10-05Maintenance work at DENIC
2007-10-04.ASIA appendix and payment
2007-10-04.ES IDN-Einf&uuml;hrung
2007-10-04New .IT fax forms and form generator
2007-10-02Domain Alert - positive impact!
2007-09-18Servicephone - Added-value numbers
2007-09-07.ASIA: News
2007-09-06Transferlock available now for .DE domains
2007-09-05.MX promotion in September
2007-09-05gTLD Renewal Promo prolonged
2007-09-04New gTLD prices for PLATINUM class on Oct 15th, 2007
2007-09-04Advanced debit process
2007-08-22Additional security for your domains - Domain Alert
2007-08-20Maintenance work at DENIC
2007-08-17.ASIA: First facts
2007-08-17Nameserver maintenance work
2007-08-16.BIZ IDNs: Introduction of Korean IDNs
2007-08-16.CH & .LI: Price reduction
2007-08-16.TV & .CC: Authcode required
2007-08-16.MOBI: Special Promotion
2007-07-11Domain restores possible via API command
2007-07-11Maintenance work on Saturday, July 14th 2007
2007-07-02.NZ transfers enabled
2007-06-29gTLD registries price increase
2007-06-29Renewal promotion for gTLDs in Q3
2007-06-29New promotions: .INFO & .PL
2007-06-26New ccTLDs: .com.MX &amp; .co.NZ, net.NZ, org.NZ
2007-06-12Download area now contains useful code examples